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September 03 2017


Five Things I Learnt From on-Line Porn

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It always amuses me that people 'knock' online porn - especially as it is this type of big money spinner that SOMEONE should be watching it (OK, not you, obviously... but 'someone').

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1) Low Cost production does not mean low production values

The nature of the online adult industry implies that in many cases video is produced on a low quality. But despite the fact that, production values remain high, because the video producer recognizes that the outcome matters, and needs to check with other video productions in the same arena. The porn industry allow us the art of filming quickly and at low costs, but nonetheless looking great and providing the customer what they need.

How will you take this aboard? You will possibly not have a huge budget, but choose as company rich in production values to ensure that you obtain a video that shows you inside your best light.

2) Harnessing new technology

Online porn has always been the main thing on technology - these were the very first kind of company to have videos, streaming content not to mention pay as you go content. It's worth keeping track of technology used, as you can guarantee they will be in the mainstream before you know it.

3) Speed of production

By having an ever ready audience who get bored easily, the adult industry has to produce new content and services quickly as well as in rapid succession. Each company recognizes that if they avoid this, their competitors will be taking up the slack (and also the eyeballs) very quickly. It's good to note how they achieve this, and put exactly the same speed of production into your own videos (albeit with clothes on!)

4) Convenience ensuring your clients could possibly get your product

Most online porn sites will offer you a variety of methods to view their content - streaming video, still photographs, downloadable videos, video to your phone, and more. They know that their audience comes in all shapes and sizes, and focus on all needs. Don't presume that your audience want the one thing you're willing to offer - give them choice and they'll stick with you.

5) Offering freebie tasters

There's HUGE profit the adult industry, but you would be hard pushed to locate a porn site that isn't giving SOMETHING away free of charge. It might be freebie pictures of your day, short video tasters, trailers, downloadable documents or more. They know that if they give enough away, you'll return and purchase more.

Don't be the product, buy the product!